Netrovert has tremendous experience working for over a decade in managing projects, delivering integration solutions across industries, in addition to developing customized business solutions.

We have expertise in various products and tools working on Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Cloud Computing, Services Oriented Architecture (SOA).

The following are some of the solutions we developed for our clients:
  • TIBCO LDAP adapter that seamlessly integrates into an LDAP-served enterprise
  • Cloud based DVR service solutions
  • Provisioning of set-top-boxes, cable modems and VOIP with high degree of automation
  • Migration of integration platform from Vitria to TIBCO
  • Integration platform for Carriers and Shippers
  • Cloud based solution for migration of User's Settings on set-top-boxes


IconEAINetrovert specializes in several SOA technologies like TIBCO, Oracle and Vitria. Our global team of highly experienced professionals provide organizations with complete EAI strategy, adoption, implementation, and support services. Netrovert offers robust, flexible and scalable solutions to the most complex business problems. Our core objective is to enhance the value of our customer integration competency centers. Utilizing various ....Read More


IconSANNetrovert offers storage virtualization, disk backup, de-duplication and disaster recovery solutions provider. The products that we have developed are DiskSafe, DynaPath and Auto LVM. These products offer disk-based, continuous data protection, and out-of-band mirroring support tools for CDP.....Read More


IconAMApplication management (AM) is related to application lifecycle management, which involves the tracking of different software versions. Netrovert specializes in AM, a process of managing the operation, maintenance, version management and upgrading of applications as new versions are released. We offer best practices, techniques and procedures that are required for optimal performances of any deployed applications. We also guarantee optimal ....Read More



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