Employee Referral Program:

Employee Referral Program is an integral part of our overall recruiting strategy and encourages employees to utilize their existing contacts and networks as potential sources for qualified candidates. Netrovert Software Inc., (hereinafter .Netrovert.) Employee Referral Program provides a monetary incentive for existing employees to refer qualified external candidates and awards $1500 for regular jobs, $2,000 for moderately hard-to-fill jobs and $3,000 for most-difficult-to-fill jobs to employees whose referral of an external candidate leads to a successful hire.

Referral program requirements:

Referrals need to be made to a specific open position


  • Award payments are made within 45 days after the successful referral reports to work.
  • Referring Netrovert employee must be employed at the time of referral and time of payments.
  • Referred applicant must be Netrovert employed at time of payments.
  • Awards will be grossed up for income tax purposes and will appear on the employee's W2 statement as income earned.
  • There is no limit on the number of referrals that an employee can make, and there is no limit on the number of awards an employee can receive.
  • Because referral awards do not increase an employee's base pay rate, the amount of the award will not be included in the calculation of benefits provided for retirement or for AD&D, life, and disability insurance or for overtime payment for non-exempt positions.

Eligible Referrers:

  • Only external candidates are eligible for consideration. Temporaries & contractors on assignment to Netrovert are considered internal.
  • Former Netrovert employees or contractors are eligible if it has been more than six months since their break in service with Netrovert.
  • External candidates who have previously applied and are in an active status in the Netrovert applicant tracking system may be eligible if they are referred for a specific position(s).
  • Recruited resumes obtained either via job fairs or advertisements are not eligible.

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