Non - Eligible Referrals:

  • Non-employees (e.g., contract workers, guests, consultants) .
  • Applicants with resumes for a specific position already on file .
  • Former employees eligible for recall or preferential rehire rights .
  • Applicants who are already under active consideration or who have been hired.
  • Applicants who have previously been referred by an employment agency or search firm .
  • Applicants who were previous employees, guests, contract workers, consultants or persons providing services through personal service agreements .
  • Members of the Senior Management Group and directors/vice presidents.
  • Employees whose primary job duties include recruiting .
  • Managers/Team leads for referrals within their own reporting structure.
  • HR Center employees for referrals to positions within their centers assigned customer base.
  • Managers or group members who are part of the interview/hiring committee.


Employees must follow the described procedures to submit a referral for an open position to be eligible for the program. The referral information must be submitted prior to the date of hire, with specific requisition numbers listed. The completed Employee Referral Program document must be submitted separately by the referring Netrovert Career employee to: HR Manager, Netrovert Software INC., 76 North Broadway, Suite 3016, Hicksville, NY 11801

Plan Administration:

Human Resources are responsible for interpretation and administration of the program. The Employee Referral Program may be changed or withdrawn at any time and without notice as the needs of the Netrovert dictate.

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