To lead in a networked world, future-focused organizations leverage enterprise data to create new opportunities. The C-team makes data-driven decisions to steer the team towards their vision. Operational and technological challenges create hurdles in unlocking the value of enterprise data.  Enterprises must focus on making data accessible, reliable and compliant to support the decision-making process.

In today’s ever-changing environment, intricate decision-making algorithms are required to solve complex business problems. Data is at the core of making faster, more effective and impactful decisions. But data alone isn’t sufficient. Companies have to organize and mine this data at scale, and through analytics, convert petabytes of data into operational, day-to-day decisions.

At Netrovert we have an experienced team of Confluent, Kafka, Microsoft Azure, StarBurst and Databricks experts serving a host of customers deriving value for their enterprises.
Netrovert is firmly positioned to be your strategic partner for data and analytics services.

Data and Analytics Platform Portfolio

We have built strong partnerships with industry leading Data and Analytics product and platform companies. Netrovert's technical and project execution expertise brings the best of these products and platforms to the table, for your benefit.

Netrovert is one of the leading experts in Kafka and Confluent. We are a Confluent trusted, preferred partner.
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Explore Our Data and Analytics Services

Data Modernization

Our 'Data for Future' approach to enterprise data modernization, delivers value by combining our expertise in legacy system migration, data engineering, cloud technology assessment, data privacy and compliance with industry standard frameworks and maturity models. Netrovert's 'Data for Future' modernization process ensures a future-enabled data architecture while ensuring current and near-term operational requirements. It ensures compliance by giving rapid access to required data.

Our team of experienced data architects, engineers guide your teams through the assessment, analysis, planning and execution end-to-end data migration (processes and apps) from legacy, in-house data warehouses to the cloud.

Data Integration

Data Delivery and Ops

Data delivery is the main requirement for data analytics, business intelligence and for deriving value from Big Data. Data must be moved between apps and departmental systems, but it also must be shared across enterprises. Our data delivery process simplifies the resource-intensive process of uploading data from data sources to your own databases and data warehouses.

The secret to deriving fast, consistent and immense value from enterprise data, is by establishing technical and operational foundations. In order to achieve seamless data access across systems, it is essential to practise agile development and hands-on DataOps.

A data-driven enterprise depends on an infrastructure that enables rapid experimentation and iterative decision-making. Our data delivery model provides cloud or on-site data components and tools required to derive good RoI on infrastructure.

Analytics and Insights

Data Analytics powered by AI/ML is opening up new avenues for organizations to grow and differentiate themselves against ever-increasing, disruptive competition. Leadership looks to improve resource utilization and process efficiency, discover new revenue streams and build the capability and competence to visualize new business models. The fundamental requirement for all of this is data analytics expertise.

Netrovert approaches data analytics as an integral part of business operations. This integrated approach provides clients with an Analytics Advantage. In our analytics projects, we bring together our extensive Data Science and technical experience to solve business problems and realize tangible outcomes and benefits.

Data Consulting and Scaling

Business success depends on the competence of the enterprise to extract all actionable data, predict industry trends and rapidly scale operations to deliver products and services in a consistent manner. Netrovert team of consultants will assess the current data ecosystem, identify gaps, define roadmap to achieve business goals. Our expertise is in building an architecture and presenting specific use cases to align data analytics efforts to business goals.

Our flexibility in resource management allows us to help you scale fast across cross-functional teams. We can mobilize both physical and virtual resources within a short time. Our collaborative approach helped clients derive immense value from hybrid onsite-onshore-offshore collaboration model.