increase in scanning compliance


reduction in MBR claims


improved on-field baggage handling efficiency


Business Need

A major American airline operating across US and on international routes in six continents. One of the top 5 airlines in the world by fleet size and number of routes.

Operational efficiency and customer satisfaction are the critical parameters for an airlines success. Airlines were struggling to ensure a hassle-free flight experience with the operational process data spread across multiple systems that don't talk to each other. Our client felt the need for advanced systems that bring data from various customer touch-points and feed into an integrated decision-making tool.

Baggage handling was one such critical customer touch-point. A real-time monitoring dashboard that records and displays end-to-end baggage handling process data was a critical need, ensuring enhanced efficiency of flight operations and minimum deviations from the scheduled course.


Our Solution

Netrovert started the engagement with an infrastructure mapping phase.

Infra Roadmap: A technology infrastructure roadmap based on existing infrastructure & future projections was prepared and put into commissioning. A phased approach helped the customer deliver value with phased investments.

Comprehensive Dashboard: An aggregation engine was developed to capture insights and monitor various performance indicators across all the touch points in real-time. A comprehensive dashboard was built with latest UI technologies presenting aggregated data collected and stored in the cloud. The cutting edge visuals providing profound business insights were a huge win.


Business Value Realized

Data-centric system monitoring: The new real-time monitoring system provided a panoramic view of all activities linked to the baggage scanning process. This system enabled the team to proactively calibrate the workforce at each scan point and adapt to the changing levels of activity.

Reduced baggage misplacement/Loss: As the luggage tracking errors decreased, customer satisfaction improved significantly. Our system successfully contributed to both reduced flight delays and enhanced the customer experience.

The solution helped to recognize and reward baggage handlers at the scan points on good performance and that motivated them to aim for higher customer satisfaction. Employee satisfaction was also high due to the improved operational momentum and process efficiency.

Architectural Components

TIBCO Active Space
AWS Aurora DB
ReactJS / WebSockets
AWS Kinesis

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