Under 10 recipes to achieve a host of functionality


Enterprise System integrations

Improved employee satisfaction and process efficiency


Business Need

A new employee’s onboarding experience is the first opportunity for a company to showcase its process efficiency as well as how much the company values the employee. Following a well defined onboarding process also ensures compliance and reduces the risk of unidentified loopholes and helps leverage potential talent. Read on to find how we implemented Workato and brought in some great savings for the client.

The onboarding process starts with the creation of the employee profile on Sapling and takes about 2 weeks. Our client typically has three types of employees - FTE, Intern or part-time employee and Consultant or Contractor. WIthin contractor type there are four levels depending on the role they play or function they belong to. Based on the type of employee the onboarding process will have different steps and activities to be taken up.

Our client is a fast growing company in the education industry with a growing clientele of universities across the continent. As in all startups every employee / contractor counts in ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction. And the dynamics of the industry demands quick and efficient onboarding followed by training to become productive in a short time.

The onboarding process was well defined and manual, driven from activities listed on a spreadsheet. While this clearly takes time, it also leaves it open for errors and security lapses. While not giving access to required systems causes loss of time and efficiency, a wrong allocation or permission can lead to compliance issues. There is also an immediate impact on employee experience and satisfaction with the onboarding process. Also, the offboarding or exit process faces higher risk of non-compliance and data security challenges.


Our Solution

Employee information is entered into Sapling, an employee information management system. That triggers the creation of accounts or access permissions to multiple systems including Email, Slack, JIRA, Zoom. An employee is up and running within a day with all necessary tools ready for use. 

Netrovert’s team ensured all these functionalities are achieved with under five trigger recipes. This helps the client keep complexity to the minimum and make modifications easy to implement.

A significant challenge was implementation of Slackbot automation. This helps a manager give a slackbot command to ensure allocation of resources is done immediately. The team’s expertise in building automation solutions and integrating with multiple enterprise systems coupled with the no-code platform’s ability to easily translate business processes into system behavior were helped in successful implementation.


Business Value Realized

Improved employee experience and satisfaction: Seamless onboarding, quick, error-free implementation of onboarding process with access permissions and allocation created delightful experience for new employees

Slackbot Automation and Integration: Execution of a slackbot command right from the middle of the chat improved speed and efficiency in managers getting things done

Reduced data security risk: A swift, compliant offboarding ensured reduction of data breach risk and improved customer satisfaction.

Architectural Components


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