reduction in raw material wastage


improvement in API performance handling huge incoming traffic


product data accuracy across systems


Business Need

A multinational food products corporation listed on the Forbes Top 125 America's Largest Private Companies. It sells non-dairy frozen food supplying products to retailers, in-store bakeries and foodservice providers.

Technology adoption in Food & Beverages industry encouraged many companies to change their operational models adopt a data-centric approach. Our client, being one of the largest players in the market, needed a system to provide real time updates on product info and illustrations through public websites that enable its' customers to get most relevant data swiftly & efficiently.


Our Solution

Netrovert’s expertise in enterprise integrations helped the client implement a well-balanced, cutting-edge Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system. Our solution helped to:

  • Manage complex product information, engineering, and manufacturing workflows.
  • Ensure product data consistency by maintaining an up-to-date centralized repository.

The open architecture of our PLM solution provided a single digital product definition, thereby enabling easy integration and driving critical business value for their products. This was achieved through a message-driven view of the latest product information from ERP systems to a central data store. A dynamic query service was also built to pull real-time product information from client's public websites against a query submitted by customer, leveraging TIBCO's security protocols.


Business Value Realized

Reduced time-to-market: The client's product development processes were made more efficient by breaking down the organizational data silos to get products to market faster.

Improved strategic decisions: The real-time product and illustration information helped the company make more strategic and informed decisions, minimizing revenue leakage.

Eliminated process bottlenecks: Our solution helped the client to minimize delays and bottlenecks by providing the tools to design and refine processes and workflows.

Architectural Components

TIBCO Messaging
TIBCO BusinessWorks
TIBCO Cloud Mashery

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