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Business Need

Adding customer service agents to improve customer experience is good but not enough when you have millions of them and the number is growing. How can technology be leveraged to scale customer service to unprecedented quality experiences?

Bringing together data from 20+ enterprise systems to serve customers across the globe in a way that has never been possible - not just answering but also predicting and being prepared for an intelligent conversation to solve the issue quickly.

Our client is a household name in computer hardware accessories with 35,000+ products bought by 600+ million customers globally. An overwhelming number of customers expecting instant and immediate service is a challenge of staggering proportions. Add to this the expectation of customers have moved from getting automated suggestions to live,intelligent conversations. They expect the agents to understand the product, recognize them as a valued customer, and quickly discern if they are looking for higher level support or basic support to help them buy or receive product-related support.

The challenge is not the availability of the data, but rather the variety of systems on which this data resides. The customer service agent will have to access 20+ enterprise data sources for customer demographic data, online navigation data, product inventory, help manuals, and many more.


Our Solution

A quick and efficient way to effectively service customers leveraging 360-degree views of customer profile and intelligent automated communication.

Customer information from six marketing apps is intelligently fed into CRM in real time. This required building several Workato recipes that sourced data from landing page, chat, ecomm site, email system, DBMS and website. Workato recipes were triggered to create a profile of the customer.

Creation of profile in CRM triggers Workato recipes that move profile into relevant email lists and ensure appropriate communication automatically. CRM displays all the customer information in one interface sourcing information from all the enterprise apps.

Netrovert's team completed this effort in less than nine weeks compared to a typical implementation time of nine-plus months. The team’s expertise in building workflows, coupled with the no-code platform’s ability to easily translate business processes into system behavior were integral in accelerating the completion of this project.


Business Value Realized

360 Degree View: Instant, comprehensive view of every lead results in a more well-tailored marketing message from every customer service agent.

Automated Email Communication: Automatic, error-free emailing of all relevant product information, offers, and sale info increases conversion.

Quick and Efficient Customer Service: A swift outreach to the massive customer base with expectations of immediate service, generates great lead conversion and satisfaction numbers.

Architectural Components


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