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Business Need

One of the world's largest chemical manufacturers and energy providers with products that fuel transportation, power cities and propel industries forward. They believe in applying cutting-edge technologies to help safely and responsibly satisfy the ever-increasing global need for energy & high-quality chemicals.

Dynamic energy demand patterns add to the complexity of supply chain network. To ensure zero-data loss communication across various systems in the supply chain, our client needed a solution to make the existing warehouse management system better, more reliable, efficient, and with a centralized monitoring and management system.


Our Solution

Netrovert’s hands-on experience in MuleSoft integrations provided a best-in-class API-led strategic solution that ensures reliability, maintainability & reusability.

A centralized integration system was implemented by exposing various APIs to the aggregated data of orders, shipments & deliveries. An add-on notification module to alert the supply chain support team on any data transfer exceptions from SAP to WMS and vice-versa enhanced the quality of service.

A reliable zero data loss pattern was achieved with AnyPoint MQ’s. In doing so, the team also ensured that the integration met the governance and data security requirements of the client.


Business Value Realized

Our client was able to scale their core operations with improved efficiency and speed.

Reusable APIs: The inherent flexibility and reusability of APIs facilitated an easier and faster way of adding new levels in the supply chain network without considerable overhead.

Continuous Optimization: The centralized ecosystem enabled our client to continuously optimize existing processes and build new use-cases with significantly less time, effort and expense.

Faster delivery: For the IT team, this meant faster delivery for their internal customers and thereby translating into exceeding partner and customer expectations.

Architectural Components

MuleSoft 3.9.x
API Gateway
API Manager
Runtime Manager

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