disparate systems including a custom app, integrated with APIs


of hours of manual work eliminated

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Huge cost savings due to timely and accurate invoicing


Business Need

Three completely disparate systems have always been managed manually, ensuring data pulled from one system is entered into the other as quickly and accurately as possible. For a global leader in outdoor advertising, thousands of media assets, moving invoicing data between systems in CSV format was clearly inefficient, error-prone, and delayed. Automating the process without disrupting the operations was the challenge at hand.

Our client is one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies with over 0.4M displays in 30+ countries across the globe. The goal is to make the data flow seamlessly through legacy and other enterprise systems and open the window to a new customer engagement paradigm. The customer billing data will have to access 5+ enterprise data sources for customer billing data, resources data, financial data, and many more.


Our Solution

Building on the Workato platform to integrate the billing system, HR/Finance system, and the custom ERP with customer data was the best path forward, one that would not disrupt the existing systems. This approach was in line with the company’s go-forward strategy of investing in data analytics and technological capabilities.

Netrovert’s team analyzed the custom software to understand the need to build connectors and Recipes required to integrate with the HR/Finance and the customer billing data software. Invoicing information from custom apps was intelligently fed into HR and billing systems in real time. This process required building Workato recipes to connect and automate the flow of data.

Workato recipes were then built to pull the invoice data from the advertising API platform to the HR system and billing system automatically. Generated invoices were automatically communicated to the clients. The team has the expertise to work on hosted apps and integrate with Workato. The HR/Billing system was integrated using SQS as it was hosted on AWS cloud.

Netrovert’s team has the experience in Workato to handle requirements that seem simple on the surface, but actually require intricate recipe development and integration expertise,including customer/legacy apps as well as cloud apps.


Business Value Realized

No disruption implementation: Three disparate systems :custom ERP, cloud based HR/Finance, and billing software to be integrated without affecting operations

Real-time view of invoice data: Client has a real-time visibility on invoicing data helping in smart decision making

Big savings: Eliminated hundreds of hours of data movement work ensuring errors are eliminated and data is moved in real time

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