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Introduced Multi Tenancy


Business Need

An advanced technology venture providing scalable background checks for companies that develop innovative products to make hiring better, transparant and more efficient.

The dynamic nature of workforce economics has led many companies to work with advanced background check software like our client's platform, to help them:

  • understand the trends in the changing workforce
  • bring transparency & fairness to their hiring, and
  • ultimately make it easy to onboard employees at the speed of the gig economy

Our client’s constant quest to increase its platform’s productivity & operational efficiency required an integration with Bullhorn to reduce 16 steps to 3 in ordering background checks.


Our Solution

Netrovert began the engagement with a discovery workshop to understand the business requirements and the As-Is technical landscape.

API-led Connectivity: We created the To-Be reference architecture & implemented various workflows using an API-led connectivity approach based on MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform.

Micro-Service Architecture: Netrovert brought in a strong and flexible design approach using proven design practices. We used a micro-service architecture, along with new interactive UI & UX designs, to create a single page solution using React App framework.

Insights from DataDog: On top of this solution, an interactive UI application integrated with Datadog agent was built to provide deep insights on business metrics.


Business Value Realized

The pioneering solution worked well with improving customer satisfaction and increasing viewership. Our client was able to resolve authentication issues in legacy systems.

The integral part of our solution - tenant provisioning and configuration service fortified our client’s multi-tenancy architecture and opened up new business avenues. Leveraging the platform’s newly implemented cutting-edge UX & modern technology stack of embedded Single Page App helped in business growth and improving brand value.

Architectural Components

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform
React JS

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