reduction in CAPEX over an year.


savings in OPEX over 5 years

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Enhanced customer satisfaction due to increased, upgradable storage capacity


Business Need

A US-based telecommunications giant providing Pay Television, Internet access, telephone services and original content to millions of residential and business customers across North America.

Customer TV-watching experience needed a re-haul. It was limited by the need to download the movie to a set top box with a small storage capacity. Also restricted was the viewing on multiple devices, even though the customer had paid for the programs. Customers demanded flexibility in viewing media without having to spend on a high-end set top box and media companies needed their IP protected.

A win-win solution was brought about by pioneering a Cloud based DVR solution. Customers could store their programs in a personal storage space on the Cloud and stream it to any device of their choice at their convenient time. A wide spectrum of features were offered allowing users to record multiple programs simultaneously, pause live TV, rewind, fast-forward and catch up to live TV, and view recorded content from multiple devices.


Our Solution

With the help of Netrovert's Centre of Excellence, we identified and addressed each of the key issues and bottlenecks.

Using an AGILE methodology, 3 major modules were developed as part of the proposed solution

  • The Provision Module equips customer homes with DVR facility
  • The Schedule Module periodically polls and schedules future recordings, processes immediate recordings of live programs in real time
  • The Series Expansion module schedules the recordings for future programs based on EPG


Business Value Realized

Our client's customer satisfaction index shot up significantly, encouraging them to offer more innovative on-demand features and stand out from the competition.The solution helped our client in building a probabilistic data model to provide better content recommendations to its viewers based on their viewing patterns and preferences.

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